Day Off

This is at the exit to a COVID-19 testing site. I only stopped by to see what it was, and then gave it a wide berth.


Here's a picture from further back of the testing center lineup.

Heading down the alley toward my secret way into the Insadong excavation site.

Whoops, the gate was open so I just waltzed right in.

KOTE is, as best as I can tell, the closest three actual buildings behind that tent. The two-level structure with a black wall and three wood-looking windowframes on the left, and corrugated white with three windows on the right, is the building with the sit-in.

Click for full size.

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The path is taking me toward KOTE.

I shot this the other night when it was dark, but wanted to try again. It's still not quite how I want it. Click for full size.

An angular building in Namdaemun.

And that's where I'm going next, to edit these photos.

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