Penis Palace

Just a firetruck I passed.

I stopped by Sewoon Sangga, where there was a flea market set up on the plaza.

Anyway, there's the abandoned apartment building.

This is the kind of staircase I've been scaling.

Behind the lot, I ran into two women who were operating a TNR program. The cats looked friendly, but still didn't let her get too close.

Same building from the front.

I went inside and found Pororo.

You can kind of get a sense of the size of the apartment units. They're small, probably not suitable for families with children.

You're welcome, and I'm glad you noticed!

I got up to the roof around 4:30. Golden hour was far off, and shadows were already a little long.

The giant wangs were not lit favourably.

I was ready to take long exposures of the road and bridges.

A closer look at the next bridge over.

And the closest one.

Click for full size.

Starting to look a little golden.

Starting to look a little pink.

I was disappointed with the lighting on the other side of the river.

Killing time waiting for the sun to go away.

Dark enough that I can get some long exposure, but this was with the tightest possible aperture and lowest possible film speed.

Here's a helpful panorama to give a sense of the general view.
Click for full size.

As soon as the direct sunlight was off, they looked a little less pink.

This direction was harder to shoot.

And directly across the river wasn't looking great.

I changed the white balance which made the colours look a little more like what it was like in person.
Click for full size.

The streaks are getting longer.

Lights are coming on.

Click for full size.

Here's a look in the other direction.
Click for full size.

It was very colourful, but a lot of that doesn't come out in the picture, especially the red on the near bridge and blue and orange on the farther one.

A closer look across the river.
Click for full size.

Lights coming on.

Using a fast exposure.

Click for full size.

Click for full size.

Blue hour is officially over.

I think I prefer having at least a few recognisable cars, rather than just streaks.

Thank you bad traffic.

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