World Domination

I showed up in time for Turn For Our.

Mask adjustment.

Everyone wore masks the whole time.

Smoking Goose.

...Whatever That Means, with Bialy

Jeff's mask kept riding up and it was clear he was very irritated by it.

It's not fun to look at.

So Trash focused in the other direction.

Aaron should get an award for making sitting look fun.

They invited Joongmo up to play one or two more songs.

After being very careful at the show and following all the rules, we continued to follow all the rules when we went to a restaurant all together after, where we could take our masks off and have a nice big communal meal.

Table 2.

Everyone's glaring at me.

As of two days later, this kind of gathering would no longer be permitted. So I'm glad we did it while we could.

We were there until sometime around 2am.

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