Bride of The Host

Just a pleasant urban park stream.

I wandered by this playground.

On the other side of the stream, I could see these tents. Previously, while trying to find a way to the stream, I drove the wrong way up a road over there until I saw the exit side of those tents. They're a drive-thru testing center, and the line of cars going through was around the block.

Let's think about the nice, uncrowded scenery instead.

Upstream, there's curtains.

Looks like there's a path leading in, but what does that sign say?

Click for full size.

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Looking back the way I came.

Okay, so I got closer, and the sign says to be careful only when it's raining.

There was an old staircase uphill from me.

So I came all this way, so I might as well go in.

Looking back at the curtains.

There was another slot for higher-flow water with another curtain, and I did not want to smell how worse it could be in there.

Time to exit.

This map shows the stream, with no indication that one side is underground and the other side empties in the river, but absolutely shares the location of Bangbae Stream.

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