Here's a closer look at the top of that decorative gate I photographed previously.

Not entirely sure what this is or even what culture it comes from.

After I took this, someone out in the alley called me out and I had to leave.

So I hit the road again. This is the pass leading to SNU, and you can see how thick the air is.

This is Dorimcheon, about as far upstream as you can get.

Here's looking the other direction, downstream. There doesn't seem to be any way down there, at least from here.

I visited this area after seeing an article with a picture of 5mb going there.

There are a fair number of shamans here.

I believe the Polish flags mean shamans too.

Click for full size.

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Samseong Market, which I'm assuming is not named after the company.

I think I've seen pictures of this fence on Instagram before.

Mushroom house.

The street running through the middle of the area was charming.

I was hoping more of those lights would come on.

A shaman's house.

And another in that direction.

Back to the street.

Those would make a good tattoo for somebody. Ryan.

A public washroom, implying that the facilities in most of the houses around here are not so good.

Inside the market.

Another room off the main corridor.

On one bridge over Dorimcheon, I found a self-serve cart.

Down here, the stream actually is intended for people.

On the other side of that tunnel, not so much.

The light was changing which confused me.

So I went where you're not supposed to go.

The other side.

Sex graffiti.

There was quite a lot of graffiti.

That net was there to catch people.

They were doing some work on the other side, maybe to lower the floor so people could fit in it.

It is smaller here than downstream. The right-side passage is more comfortable for walking in than left.

Another excavator.

The moon was out.

One of the bridges.

I turned around and headed back.

Preparing to rejoin civilisation.

Nothing stolen presumably.

I'm guessing this is part of the Sillim Line.

Another bridge view of the stream.

I liked that decorative part of the apartment. It reminded me of the 2018 Olympic torch.

I am pretty certain I used to work in this building.

Ho Lee Chow Yeouido is now only open on weekdays.

Across the river in Yongsan.

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