Santa Claus vs The Host

Santa arrived first at the tunnel entrance with a lot of heavy supplies. Fortunately most of them would not be coming out.

Trying to get up onto the ledge.

Going through the pipe.

On the other end, we found a ladder under this other pipe. I climbed up to look in, and saw that it curves to the right, and about two meters in there's a drop into water.

Musical accompaniment.

There was one part with pooled water.

Back at the platform.

Some fireworks.

We went over to The Host.

Santa did battle.

After we ran out of fireworks, we headed back.

Time for steel wool.

With Santa.


The lights in the Bone Tunnel aren't going to work, because the wire has been cut.

The others wait for me.

Out in the open air.

And then we walked all the way over to Gongdeok for galmaegi.

And sogeum guui.

Wandering home.

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