Phone Camera 2

Eating Iraqi food with an Iranian.

Here's my first sighting of this magnificent abandonment that I still haven't gotten inside.

A daytime shot.

I've had a lot more success with this place.

Buster wants to do some typing.

Helping me edit Transactions.

A view over northeastern Seoul.

The first copy of Transactions printed.

No help from Buster.

Our obituary for Peter.

My growing collection of Bill's zine.

A poster in the redevelopment area in my neighbourhood. So far, I haven't seen further signs of destruction.

A walk past the TV stand that tripped my boss and broke his arm badly.

I took this picture to compare it to a similar one taken on my North Korean tablet.

Books I sent to Michael in China.

The mass games ticket that's also a USB device.

I was once brought here to drink in the very rustic basement market, joined by Shin Jung-hyeon's former bassist.

Footloose at FF.

I got trapped in the men's room when the doorknob fell off.

The only picture I took in an abandoned nightclub.

This truck was staring at me so I had to take a picture.

My North Korean tablet.

And smartwatch.

Bouquets at Peter's funeral.

And a velvet-looking banner from the mayor.

The total tally between Matt and me by the time they locked the fridges.

A collection of old pictures of Peter.

Somebody at work forgot his glasses on the urinal. I posted this in a large group chat and the owner sheepishly came forward.

Back when McDonald's made "10 Chicken McNuggets" into the most popular Korean food for about a month.

Catnip with boxes that look like they're made for Millie and Buster.

Manbok omija makgeolli, named after Michael's nickname among his North Korean contacts.

Construction map for Seoul Station, which is getting a new train line.

That's how it looked at the time.

Whoops, can't go any further.

What passes for a colourful apartment complex here.

A map showing a scooter shop's new location to escape redevelopment.

A cat-sized opening in the fence.

I took a picture of kids playing in a playground in order to look less suspicious.

Millie isn't a Fatboy.

I had a drink with coworkers and we got mobbed with people.

Somebody's toothbrush left within the splash zone for the sink.

My first attempt at drawing Heathcliff. I didn't plan enough for the helmet. Can't remember why he's wearing a "Migration" helmet, but it makes just as much sense as any of his other helmets.

Buster got into the catnip.

Just an innocent bush in the middle of Lotte Mart. No militarised soft drink display to see here.

Reburying Gwanghwamun ruins, video of which has already been uploaded.

I went back to Yeongcheon, near the closed scooter shop, hoping to slip in through the fence late at night. But the only way in was through that opening, which was being used for security.

An illustration I made to explain "Economic Gangbuk," meaning districts that are south of the river but not affluent enough to be seen as Gangnam. For instance, this article mentions the "four Gangnam districts." When I was explaining this, I asked another reporter which side of the river Yeongdeungpo is on, which should be a very easy question. But she thought about it a minute and answered "The north side?" Because Economic Gangbuk is real.

I saw Ali, so I sent this picture to another Iranian I had met, who had been mistaken for Ali when coming to shows. Both of them were astounded and thought they were looking at pictures of theselves.

North Korean cookbooks, currently in Jenn's library.

One coes with a song.

They named a burger after Ryan's wife.

I still remember when Lotteria originally installed this "Bearded bikers munching sliders" poetry in all their restaurants. Was pretty sure it would only last a few months. How wrong I was.

Do they ever get positive feedback about this?

Millie writes a complaint to Lotte.

After Michael Breen though the saw Karl Marx in Yeongdeungpo, I headed south of the river only to find myself economically north of the river, where the Workers' Party had a giant Marx banner. This surprised even me. Hell, even North Koreans have been taking down their banners to Marx.

Millie wants to go in.

More typography for Luisa.

I think the sole point of this shot was to try to get the shorter woman's Ramones shirt. Been a while since I saw one of those.

My garden after it got all chopped up.

Working on plumbing. I don't know what this thing is called in either language, so I brought this picture to the hardware store.

Linus HBC undergoing renovations.

Butt-touching cats.

I gave Daal Chef's Jamaican jerk chicken a try.

Some of the ingredients left out.

There was a black dog (I think a lab) named Paldal.

We played around while I waited for my order.

One of Jenn's cats wins an award.

The police were outside when I got home.

I took this picture of the elevator TV, probably to figure out the location behind them. I never did.

One of our reporters got a really weird letter that we think was written by a schizophrenic. Full manifesto available for viewing here.

KFC's limited-time ribs. They were actually pretty good, but nobody could figure out what part of the chicken they came from.

My cat's a turtle ship.

Moving (contaminated) dirt around in Yongsan Railyard.

The view from my hotel room in Gwangju overlooked an abandoned Outback. Little did I know, the window was one-way.

I spent a part of the night on top of one of those ledges up there.

A very high-quality, low-price breakfast I had in Nirvana.

I posted this at Gwangju-Songjeong Station to say farewell to all the people I met in Gwangju.

At work, my coworkers' boxes of imitation Spam are stowed under the keyboards, for whenever they return to pick them up. I think two of the three have now.

I've been pondering K-Eco Fleece for the K-Iceberg, but I don't feel like "eco fleece" is enough of a thing to get K-ed.

Parked in front of a sandwich place.

We were going to have the UEies awards ceremony, but I completely forgot while we were in the tunnel, both times.

This was determined to be the lowest-key, easiest way down.

Millie won't let me type.

My faux-shaman pig head.

I wanted to get pictures of the old UEey the Clown mask, which appears to have melted somehow.

Made worse by the fact that I posed shirtless.

Why, you ask?

When I interviewed Bill, he sent me a handwritten statement answering all my questions in a multi-page zine made out of Hanji.

Here's a sample page.

So now this is my collection of Bill's zines. I think one more has arrived since then.

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