Phone Camera 3

Behind the counter at a well-loved live music venue. It's always impossibly cluttered.

While I was pre-interviewing 18 Fevers, we ran into Jinyong, formerly of Christfuck, who's started his latest band Halajae. This encounter led to my interview of them.

A group shot of 18 Fevers I sent to Matt to let him know they'd replaced him with a bear.

I still haven't been able to figure out what urine gi sauce is.

A phone picture of the wall built in my office.

Having a cat parliament.

Halloween decorations at McDonald's. I thought I noticed more Halloween decorations this year, and wished I photographed the display at a doctor's office I visited, where they also had Halloween skeletons on display.

Halloween cup.

A couple phone pictures of the shaman ritual.

Balancing a cow head.

Balancing two sides of beef, just like out of the Flintstones opening credits, topped with pig hooves.

I was first to show up at Baeksa Village and went up to a roof while I waited for the others.

Another couple for Luisa.

I had a mild adverse reaction to my second vaccination shot, possibly brought on myself because I didn't sit still this time, and instead went out adventuring the day after. Apparently a vein burst, and my cardiologist said this sort of reaction was to be expected and isn't a big deal.

There was a discoloured patch further up my leg, and an additional scar I probably gave myself.

Roof unicycle.

Buster wants to go with me.

It took me a minute to figure out why I photographed this.

I found one of David A. Mason's books in the National Palace Museum gift shop.

Jon Carter Covell.

The Underwoods brought a collection of maps they'd found at Peter's house.

All of them were either of Tongyeong, like this one, or Seoul.

Differences in the Hanja, which I couldn't hope to explain.

Here's a Seoul map.

An RAS Korea poster.

This one is actually a map of the whole peninsula.

From the peninsula map, this appears to be Jeju.

They also brought a 1994 calendar showing Peter's first home in Korea in the 1960s.

During our book sale.

Mr Shim and his pushcart which has been with RAS Korea longer than I've been alive.

Adam Scott comes to Joseon Korea. Apparently he established Baptism in Korea in 1896.

While looking for a washroom and an ATM, I took this picture in case Matt and I came here for drinks. No ATM though.

The phallic Lotte Castle complex.

One of my Facebook friends introduced me to TV for cats, and both my cats have been very interested.

Problems happen when they get too interested and try to catch the birds.

I've attempted to resolve this by opening a Notepad window so that when they stomp on the keyboard, it just causes them to write in Notepad.

One of Jon Carter Covell's pictures, although I wonder if it's a photo of a photo.

A giant cat mural I saw while walking to or from the scooter shop.


This area is in rough shape.

It was uphill.

I don't think I'd want to park there.

My KCSI pin.

In her sphere.

Next to my local Kimbap Cheonguk, a new unmanned store where you can buy very similar foods has opened.

Buster looks displeased.

Now he looks relaxed.

The latest zine.

I like this stack of boxes with building textures.

Buster gives me a look. I used this image to make this meme.

DJing at KOTE.

Writing recaps of her stories.

The difference between print and online versions.

Somewhere around here, I dropped off newspapers at Michael Hurt's studio.

Cameras for sale at a flea market on Sewoon Sangga's plaza.

The view over the river.

Click for full size.

The panorama function on my phone left the screen looking a little warped.

Watching her stories.

Coetzer shows Female Coetzer my pet snake.


At the hoeshik after the "World Domination" release.

While I was stuck on the roof over Banpo Jugong 1, I took this panorama.

While I was getting my usual infusion, they put me in a hospital bed nearer the window than usual. I looked out and saw my scooter parked below. When I got out, I looked up and took this picture. It's on the third floor over the door, and I'm not sure if it's the window tucked away or if it's right above it.

Underground river in Banpo.

Get to the Point.

Still watching her stories.


Santa waits.

Hank from the RAS Korea council took me out for French food, and afterwards he realised he needed to cross the street, so he waltzed through traffic like this just as it started moving.

"Papa Do As." Also, I noticed that the bus driver for the 02 green bus went into that well-lit doorway on the left.

Millie magnifies text.

Coetzer got a new hoodie for Christmas.

This picture was taken by Coetzer.

My mom sent me these pink slippers as a gag gift, based on a news article she clipped about a cat that got freaked out by pink slippers, but both my cats love them.

They were handing out free calendars at work, and I ended up with the Little Angels.

A couple beers with Chris in near-freezing weather.

After Kim Gamel moved away, she left me this animal carrier cage. Buster is obsessed with it and likes to go inside when he gets the chance.

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