A nice view in the lobby.

Seen from another corner. I couldn't get to the middle due to a restaurant in the way. You can see bits of the massive toy train set running around the base of the stairs from here.


I tailgated an airline employee up to about level 9, where this view awaited me out a window.

Hotel hall.

Overlooking that little corner of buildings wedged between Namsan and Namdaemun Market; does that count as part of the market?

I took the stairs most of the way up.

And up.

I looked out a nearby window just as the sun was setting.

All helipad entrances were locked with keycard access, but I found an interesting penthouse area.

Overlooking Namsan.

A fair number of fireplaces up here.

Well I couldn't possibly go up that way.

This room was much darker than this picture makes it seem.

Overlooking some of the buildings next door, with my work partly visible in the distance.

There were suites up here, and they weren't that big. Maybe this area was used for weddings, and this room was for the bride to get dressed.

I wonder if the cats would like a stay.

This caged door is an exit only for the casino.

Next I got a closer look at the toy train set.

It was popular.

I went out what seemed like it was supposed to be the front door, finding myself on a weird hillside.

The Hilton.

I went back in to the train set.

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