When I jumped over the fence, I found myself among these carefully cut stones, now covered in green-striped netting.

The area had definitely been under archaeological survey.

In the distance, I could see one of the Chosen Savings Bank houses.

Another archaeological excavation pit.

This old tree was in the middle of the area.

There was pretty good scenery in the background.

I was curious to visit two big tents in the middle of the area. One had all these old stones.

The other

Had roof tiles.

And wood.

Most of the time, I was exposed to people walking on Gojong's path.

A closer look at them.

The old guard shack for the area.

Here's one of the Chosen Savings Bank houses.

And a look back over the area I'd come through.

Click for full size.

Another look at the same building. They seem to have been prettying this one up.

There's a long wing in back.

This was inside one of the probably bomb shelters.

Another look while coming out.

The magnificent historic site sign.

There was a door open through there.

As I was entering, I caught an orange cat sitting on those greenish blankets, but he walked out very stealthily.

It was in not terrible shape, although I was worried about the floors which didn't seem to be concrete.

This view is looking out a window in the house as seen from this picture last year.

The stairs were, awkwardly, carpeted.

Looking at the floor where the carpet had been pulled up.

A couple more shots of the nicer building.

That dark building behind it used to be abandoned for several years. Now one of my friends lives in it.


I looked in through one of the windows. The glowing fire exit signs in each room are visible from outside. It looks like workers are using this building.

Are those earphones? What are the workers using it for?

Another air-raid shelter, this one seeming to be used now as a pantry.

Workers' urinal.

A crooked tree.

Some detail in part of a foundation they uncovered.

I liked the shape of this netting.

The main tree.

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