Studio HBC


Still not a fan of the lighting here.

I was the only actual audience there, so I decided to start using my flash.

Then I took this picture, by panning the camera right after the flash, which led to the oscillation of his hand as he strummed the guitar. I wanted to do this better, at least where his face was posed better.

Doesn't work as well on Jinu.

That's a good one.

This was the audience: the venue owner and members of the second band.

This attempt had a more electronic vibe.

That one went odd.

As they played, more people started showing up, to the point where it was decently full by the end of their set.

They had to put on masks though.

Not that it was easy.

Getting it on right.

And it's slipping again.

Next was Jabroni. I didn't get many because I thought I got the best one early on.

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