At the hotteok stand.

Hotteok achieved.

I went looking for other street food stands. After taking this, I realised it probably wouldn't be usable for showing people with their masks off.



A closer look at the metal mold used.

Now that's what I call "fashion."

Here's the line for the hotteok stand.

Another hotteok winner.

She was a pretty good model.

The handoff.

I wandered away looking for a place to set stuff down, and wanted to photograph this pile of candy.

The other one.

I put these on a tarp for a picture.

And now here's both candy piles. The woman on the right seemed to really enjoy me photographing them.

Back at that ridiculous hotteok line.

This place also has hotteok, but the line is only about 2/3 as long.

Up the alley.

This guy sold chestnuts.

I bought some so I could talk with him a bit.

I asked what the machine was called, and he just answered "chestnut machine."

I went over to Adnan Kebab, where Adnan's 20-year-old son was working.

I'd really been hoping to see one of those machines that makes Korean popcorn and other puffed snacks using what I think is vacuum pressure, but no such luck seeing one in action.

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