This guy was selling a lot of interesting-looking stuff, so I went in for a closer look.

Of course I ended up buying a twist potato.

He threw it in the deep fryer.

Other ones.

Another handover moment.

Deep-fried shrimp.

Odaeng in two spiciness settings.

Another street food stand.

This guy had more chestnuts.

Back at the first place, more customers.

A chicken skewer stand.

They also had a kebab stand here.

And it looks like it's doing better business than Adnan.

See you in Hell!

I finally found a dalgona stand. The woman running it seemed uncooperative about being photographed.

Back at the kebab stand.

Fried squid.

I lost.

Presenting the croffle.

And souffle cake.

A lot of different sauces.

Egg bread.

This is very Myeongdong: taking a couple's selfie in front of an out-of-business mask shop.

An old-school cart.

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