A lot of crackers.

This is one of those faces I remember KOCIS not liking, because she doesn't look happy temporarily even though you can tell she's enjoying it.

I've never seen these before. It appears they found a way to make strawberries even sweeter.

I saw very few other tteokbokki stands this day.

This yeot will give you good luck on the CSAT.

Leading to the Eye of Sauron.

She had a lot of things, but notably hotteok. Yet there was no lineup around the block.

More carts.

Something had just happened between those two.

I went back for hotteok.

The other things.

Looking straight down.

Hotteok achievement unlocked.

Fortune telling.

Walking back.

Looking for a place to photograph these chestnuts, I stopped by KOTE.

It would have been fun if the government had included this picture.

Another dalgona seller.

He was much more open to photography.

So were the beondeggi.

He made this one for me.

Failed again.

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