Watch Market in Snow

This picture was taken from Sewoon's exterior elevator, which felt like it was in the right location to view this scenery.

Although the actual scenery had a bit more colour.

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People were shovelling the ramp in Sewoon Square.

And up here.

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I had shot this in warmer weather.

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More of the barriers blocking access to the market alleys. I like that this one shows a traditional house.

And this one has upside-down skyscrapers.

Anyway, enough of fences.

The snow inside was pristine, with no tracks in it. I did the best I could not to add more.

I like how the snow lands in the shape made by the canopy.

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I had to track down the CCTV bear, located at the end of another alley.

Who's Phil?


Kind of nice when signs block out the white sky. I thought about using a fill light, but decided it was better to be a little alienated from natural light.

Taken a few meters ahead, a similar view with the blown-out sky visible.

Those weren't my tracks. Someone else was in here with me, though possibly not very recently.



Out in the open.

More tracks.

I decided to avoid the blind corners of this area.


Right around the curve there was a truck parked. I moved just enough that it wouldn't be visible.

Time to retreat.

I wanted a look at the menu.

Back in civilisation again. Here's a view of Sewoon Sangga, with massive construction looming over it.

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