Untitled Void

Check out the door all the way up there.

I would guess it leads into a smallish air-raid shelter. Also guessing it used to not be so high up, and a lot of land was carved out when they built the highrise next to it and the road there.

This is how I come up with nicknames for places.

There were definitely some places down there that were abandoned.

They're a little more visible here.

What antenna?

The section higher up over there was certainly in worse shape.

A steep area.

This looks like an early modern house with a shell. Looking on Kakao Street View, that's exactly the same shape as the previous building.

A slightly nicer house across the alley.

A cat house.

There's the cat.

A nice view of Seochon, blocked by some buildings.

Oh right, I was on one of the buildings.

Anyway, here's a look into the Untitled Void.

I believe I took that road up.

A wedge shape in the roads.

You can see how the upper layers of houses are perpendicular to the slope.

There are some more impressive houses higher up.

This house at the bottom of the hill looks like it might be vacant.

Click for full size.

The sun was going down as I was up here.

Click for full size.

An unnecessarily pink building.

A better look at the part on the left.

And some of the houses.

The classic roof tires.

The area in erally bad shape is over by the road, in the upper right.

Dance moves.

And here is the cluster visible from the road.

Not in good shape.

Some graffiti on one of the doors.

The way out.

Would have been easy to untie, but I decided not to.

There was a car parked at the other end, so maybe someone is looking over these buildings.

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