Pogo Attack

Not a very good name.

Pogo Attack had Byung-sun on bass and Byung-jin on drums.

And Edaeng on vocals.

Byung-sun was closest to me.

I don't think I know the guitarist.

I like the eerie purple of Steel Face.

I noted that Bong-su of SBW Riders was there. Also there right up front was Hyeri. Both of them ended up at FF after and we had kind of a reunion.

Almost everyone was wearing masks, but it was very hot and sweaty in here.

Here's their setlist, not fully legible. It is appropriate that they have a song called "I Love Fucking" since at least two of them are dads.

Edaeng's soul tries to escape out his face.

The smoke machine started.

I went out and came back in time for Stoned.

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