The Mandus show at FF

Some of the warning signs.

More of the warning signs.

This I had not known. I also like how they helpfully wrote out "myeong" as if that will help anybody.

Far East Asian Tigers.

The crowd was seated appropriately.

Next was Beacon.

The lights ended up looking like heart shapes.

Yes, the bassist was fun to photograph.

Everyone had to be seated.

Next was Smoking Goose.

And then WinningShot.

They apparently only needed a small mic shield now.

Trash had a sanitiser spray with a blue light that made it look like a blowtorch.


Jeff watches from the stairs.

...Whatever That Means

Caspin joined them for one song, I think the Bikini Kill song Gumiho covered for the album.

Green Flame Boys.

That must be a pretty old Nice Legs sticker.

Last band was Burning Hepburn.

He had a habit of putting his fingers in his ears, like he was a spy listening to an earpiece.

Kiseok showed up for a mini-Things We Say reunion.

Dinosaur Super. "Christians Against Dinosaurs" would have a field day.

This "Free Robot" place selling bag cocktails has been around for a very very long time. I believe this is the space that was a piercing parlour in 2004, and then became this shortly after and has been this ever since. Who would have guessed this one would last?

Imagine if there was a full liquor store next door when Skunk Hell was still here.

Following directions in the subway.

It's an attractive building.

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