Uhee Ska

Two fairly large bands worth of people took the stage and the floor right in front. I was sitting about a meter away.

The middle guy is playing the kkwaenggwari, and the guy on the left has a janggu.

This guy seemed to be playing two moktaks held in one hand.

And this guy has a buk, which as you can see by the focal depth is pretty close to me.

Click for full size.

Click for full size.

Suk-yuel came up to the front.

And brought Nock-won with him.

This guy was the main singer of Uhee Company.

Both lead singers together.

They sat out one more Kingston Rudieska song.

There was a cat toy on the end of his mallet.

The cat toy made some interesting movements along with the music.

One of those moments where I felt very close to the performance.

They marched around in a circle giving me an equal chance to shoot them all. I didn't get a good look but this must be a jing.

I risked my flash with one or two shots because I knew Kingston Rudieska wouldn't mind.

They also had a taepyeongso player.

Correction: two.

A three-way of horns.

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