Miari Texas

The entrance to the red-light district.

Another entrance on the far side.

We went to the top floor of a highrise apartment, but couldn't get roof access and this was all we could see. We'll go there later.

They demolished a whole neighbourhood for what looks like some kind of field.

This wall had a concrete-sculpted landscape.

From farther back.

A clothes shop for women of the area.

Outdoor booths.

This appears to be a cat house.

Same with these.

Too small for me to explore.

Ryan led the way into this alley where we found some actual abandonments.

I was curious about the red and blue on the wall.

We found a giant faded picture of three women, no explanation given.

The grey wood blocks texture is just a vinyl sheet.

Ryan poses briefly while making room to investigate another house.

Then someone came out, and you can see his hand in the upper left. We got out of there.

Various layers of roofing on this house.

A shaman.

Another red-light entrance.

There was no shortage of ATMs.

We followed after a girl who looked from this distance like she could have been in high school.

This grandmother beckoned me over.

We had to get off the main alley and found ourselves in this one.

Another exit.

I have no idea what those words mean.

This one is obvious at least.

Another empty alley.

Same text again.

Front steps.

As we headed back to find the others, an old woman yelled at me "Namdaemun's open!" and when I kept walking, she kept yelling it after me. Later we found out it means "Your zipper is down." It's because of the zipper that the pants I was wearing had become UE pants.

Baper? This might now be the Hanok neighbourhood across the street.

The one on the left looks sort of like those alien comics that were popular a couple years ago.

This was just a picture painted on.

Some Chinese characters on the walls.

I got a picture from across the street of the red-light district entrance, where some john parked his scooter.

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