A new use for a phone booth: part of a construction barricade.

I parked near here, and then saw the chickens.

The chickens.

One of the old asbestos-lined houses.

Interesting stairs. I wonder where the stones came from.

Roof tarp.

A house with a port-a-potty out front.

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I followed along this walkway.

There was another walkway below.

This cat really wanted my attention. Around then, Ryan called and I let the cat speak to him.

I ended up giving the cat a can of cat food.

A kitchen set.

An old man walked by.

Lots of old tiles.

Some possibly traditional ones, mixed in with newer red ones, plus some corrugated asbestos.

Spongebob Squarepants likes this area.

"Art" graffiti.

Not sure who.

Doraemon wants to fight you.

Ryan later pointed this place out to me as apparently dating back to the occupation.

Bird tracks in concrete. Must've been a heavy bird.

Bird and dog.

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I went back to the cat to meet the others.

He looks like he decided not to eat my cat food.

Ryan the spyhunter.

A nice logo for the area.

A good view.

Some houses against a wall (not that wall).

Click for full size.

A philosopher stone embedded in a wall.

Bart. I thought it would have been smart for a tagger to write "El Barto" somewhere in the area.

Yeontan along the side of the path.

Check out those tiles.

Some more mural-village-style art.

Graffiti graffiti.

Fire damage.

Roof damage.

Top Butt.

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