Yeongdeungpo Market

An empty-looking stretch of market.

A closed restaurant.

There were several places where tape was used like this.


An anti-eviction banner.



Another isolated market passage. At the other end, it opened onto a fairly busy passage.

In front of a swastika.

Further up the same passage.

A deformed jangseung.

Oh yeah, Annabel had this as a hat.

Lots of signs and tape.

Happy birthday Santa!

This place had a lot of art.

She was on the phone for quite a while talking with SBS about being interviewed about this.

We found this store selling various uniforms, including medical uniforms, and decided there should be a UE uniform. What's more, if you're not in uniform, then you aren't urban exploring.

We then refined this uniform concept to capes, although based on one person's mishearing, there would also be cakes, probably shaped like capes.

The uniform cape we envisioned would be reversible red on one side and blue on the other, so that if someone reports "four foreigners wearing red capes" then we can just reverse them and be four foreigners wearing blue capes. I envisioned it would be made of the same material as a Santa suit, so it would look good with my Santa suit. The cape would be knee- to ankle-length, sort of Superman-length. Also there would be a logo on the cape which would be a taegeuk with the letters UE on it. The cape would also have a collar, sort of like Burt Ward's Robin costume, and might be a separate colour, either red, yellow, or black.

We decided on that much by the time we were ready to depart for the next stop.

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