Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Some kind of security device that never made a difference to our adventure.

Below me was a house that was clearly open and abandoned, but I figured I would need a cape to get down there.

Other house, also lightly off limits for the time being.

I think I hate Olive Young.

I hate Olive Young.

More community yarnbombing.

This time they left their calling card. It's Dongjak-gu Volunteer Center. This article talks a bit more about yarnbombing coming to Korea.

A pretty elaborate tree.

We found a Korean flag, and Ryan wasted no time turning it into a cape.

At another house, we found a bunch of Saemaul stuff.

Also the house was full of motherfucking capes.

The others all joined me. These were handed out randomly, and maybe Ryan should've gotten the green one, but Sounion's matches her hat.

All it needs is the taegeuk symbol.

More thought was given, and we decided maybe instead of a uniform cape, we could allow people to customise.

It was the warmest day we explored on.

We found this guy left for garbage pickup.

Nearby there was a center for refugees.

Click for full size.

Click for full size.

A monkey was climbing up to get me. Fortunately I was able to glide away thanks to my cape.

Click for full size.

Someone left a painting down there.

This house had a pretty classy urinal next to the gate.

Most of the brick buildings around here were sealed tight.

Nice use of bricks.

Either dreams come true, or it's a miracle when they do.

This house had water leaking, creating an icefall.

The mail was frozen solid.

My best guess for how this formation is possible is the newspaper was inundated with water and froze that way, and as more water came down it continued to pile on.

A giant razorwire slinky.

I can almost see home from here.


Canada mattress. And I make fun of Americans for turning their flag into sweatpants.

With a boot, which would be a pretty cool addition to our flag.

Nice art.

A Pro-Spec.

We found an abandoned photo album sitting out by the sidewalk. Looks like they liked photographing friends passed out.

We turned the page and it was still interesting.

A bone?

At the 1993 Expo in Daejeon.

Maybe in this area?

Passed out side by side.

Sack race.

I wonder where this is.

Dressed up in drag for some reason.

Throwing their friend on the fire.

This must be an Olympic venue, but I can't tell which one. Wait, it's Suwon Gymnasium.

Going to find a dead body.

Now working in the train?

Then we turned the page and found this.

We returned to this house, which Ryan had been inside before.

Is that writing?

Lots of notes.

The floor in here wasn't very strong.

Annabel put on her reading glasses.

Ryan alarmed me by stepping out past me, making it look like someone was inside.

This sign doesn't identify the building.

But it had lots of kids' pictures inside.

Annabel used her monkey powers rather than her cape to get down here.

Busy schedule.

This room seemed to be an add-on.

The front entrance area reminded me of the layout of the Chosen Savings Bank house.



Ryan took off his cape, so the adventure ended.

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