Sewoon Area

The tall buildings under construction are at the former location of Seun 3, which was demolished a couple years ago.

A couple weeks earlier, I had noticed the construction hoarding had been removed, exposing the cranes to easy access. But when I visited this day, the fences were back up.

Here's a little space for a security guard to sit.

This is one of the alley entrances I had previously used to gain access to the watch market. The slat on the far right had been improperly fastened, so that it opened hinging on the left side. It was either laziness or intentional to create a backdoor.

I considered using the pallet as a ladder, but there were just too many people around this day.

This is just looking over the fence. I decided not to go in.

While biding time waiting for pedestrians to pass and cars to park or unpark (which never ended), I took a few pictures of signs along the perimeter of the area.

I was especially interested in their maps of the area. This one's pretty basic, and I'd say pretty useful, and the shop didn't move far.

This one I guess I could find, but could be completely wrong.

This one looks like they couldn't find their own store.

This one shows the fire extinguisher system, I suppose indicating which way to bring the fire hose?

This map was written on a piece of metal of some kind that was hanging rather than attached to the garage door behind it.

This map makes sense, but only in a very 2D way considering the massive building going right through the middle, as well as the perfectly right-angled street grid which is actually made mainly of narrow alleys. They sure included a lot of landmarks at that alley corner to help people find the new place.

I think I hadn't shown this alley entrance before, blocked off with an interesting pattern of jagged buildings. I'm curious now if the slat on the left would open if pulled.


Upside-down skyscrapers; I think I photographed this one before.

This map drew my attention because "P-turn." Is that even how we draw the letter P?

This map does something I never like: south is up.

This one is cute, though maybe a little too minimal.

Don't even try; just call this number.

I didn't get close enough to this one and the glare ruined it. I like the number of arrows and that it seems to show Jongmyo.

This one also shows Jongmyo, and its only fault is being another south-is-up.

This one possibly shows the longest distance travelled, to the point that the starting location is drawn on above the map.

This one attempted the same thing, and I'm not sure what works better.

Works for me.

Seems needlessly complicated.

I took this picture because I liked how the orange and red was peeling, making it look more like a sunset.

One more alleyway barricade, taken the next day.

And I also found a dashcam.

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