Danginri Line

This is taken from around Hongdae Station, looking south down Eoulmadang-ro.

I took this picture because I was about to go in the door behind the security car to hit the roof. I don't think I made it up there though.

Or maybe I did.

But the next roof was more impressive. This one shows the Seogyo365 buildings lined up in the middle of the road.

Looking the other way, with the power plant in the distance.

A slightly wider view.

A significantly wider view.
Click for full size.

A slightly weirder view.
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This image was inspired by those aerial shots of camels in the desert.

I think this is the one I ended up submitting.

And here's one that shows the smokestacks at the end of the road.

I noticed a concrete-looking building that appears extremely weathered.

Another look north.

I believe that blue building is the former site of an apartment building of 4-6 storeys high. I have vague memories from the mid-2000s of going to a rooftop party there, when a Korean (possibly American) punk girl named Birdie lived there. I showed up with a couple skinheads, and while me and one were looking over the edge, we noticed a girl sit down on the pavement below us. Then the other skinhead came over and, without looking, dumped his drink out over the side, for no actual reason. I evacuated the guilty party quickly, and apparently the doused girl came up and made Birdie do a really humiliating apology.

Another look at that concrete building. I have my suspicions it might not actually be concrete, and the water damage looks similar to my own building.

I think this is the location of a Nanta! theatre.

Also there's a tooth building.

Down on the ground level in front of Seogyo365.

She became my muse.

This used to be an entrance to Sangsang Madang.

Now it's a Thomasson.

I got up above to look down on "Hong-dae Festival Street."

This warped view shows it a bit clearer.

Looking toward the river, it's still used for parking.

This is probably the most representative picture of the street, but vertical doesn't work on websites.

From the corner, stretching over.

Here's less vertical, although it's not as good.

I have two things like this on my desk.

Lots of different designs.

Back to my muse.

A couple women presumably selling yogurt raced by.

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