Watch Market

A narrow hallway to a narrow door.

Looking out over the watch market.

I don't think I've been under that glass canopy before.

Roofs with Sewoon Sangga in the distance.

And with other more modern buildings in the distance.

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One of the buildings standing up higher than the general market canopy.

Looking toward the construction.

A closer view of the roofs.

A mess of interconnected canopies there.

Another market building.

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Canopied alley. I've probably been down there a lot though it looks different from this side.

Is this a better shot than the last one?

Going back down. I determined to come back when it was darker.

I wandered some alleys I don't think I've been in before.

Here's the restaurant I visited with Matt last November.

Curious what the water gun could have been for.

The light is at one of the exit gates.

That's the building I really want to go in.


Camcorder equipment.

This market complex had all doors open.

One of the market stalls.

Back under the canopy.

I wandered into another alley area I don't think was open before.

One of the exit gates. Except the CCTV bear sitting in the chair is mysteriously gone.

I went inside another building, where there used to be a light store.

Looking around frmo the roof. I think the red building is the first roof I was on.

This is a bit more the light setting at the time.

That alley still had a couple active lights.

The Cheonggyecheon area was turning on.

These lights will never turn on again.

Back to the red roof.

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The way down.

After I escaped, I looked in on the alley with lights still on.

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