Banpo Jugong

There's Banpo Stream.

And here's looking across to the apartments.

I got on the roof of one for a higher-up view. Not that you can see much.

You can admire the trees a little easier.

I caught a magpie in flight.

Looks like someone else had cats.

I had a closer look at the row of commercial buildings.

I couldn't find a way onto the roof of the commercial buildings so I went up another apartment right behind them.

Those apartments I believe are the first ones to have been closed.

The row of commercial buildings.

Roof table.

Click for full size.

The street cutting through the middle.

And those taller buildings. Who would have thought a wedding hall belonged here?


Gonna take a wild guess this is asbestos.


I went across the street.

Another ride.


Lots of bikes.

A quad.

I entered the market row running alongside the farthest-gone apartments.

At this point I turned around and headed back.

One restaurant in the whole row was still very active, this Gwangju Restaurant.

Most of the others looked closed.

Commercial tenants aren't happy.

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