Huam Turn

This is the view from the gas station I frequent most, and is often the start of my adventures. But right past it is an odd-shaped building that's now under bars.

Well here's what it looks like behind the fence.

There was definitely no dog inside.

This is how that unique shape looks on the inside.


Looking back at the other side, where there's a spiral staircase.

Up another floor, it's the same layout but no windows.

A phone.

This is the top floor, or at least you can see the top floor.

Looking down.

In the next building, there's a cocktail bar.

And cocktail ingredients.

An odd door shape.

An odd knife.

Lots of glasses.

So that's the name.

A backroom.

A kitchen.

All this time I could look out an see buses on the road.

Crouching down behind the counter there was a lot of stuff.

I also found a shelf with a lot of bottles, most of them like 90 percent drained.

And this phone case.

And these presumably salt and pepper shakers.

And this Hello Kitty...head.

I went up a staircase that led all the way to the top of the building. There was a nice bookcase.

And a very nice living room area.

They left a stereo.


More glasses.

The main upstairs bar.

This ID was found in a room that seemed related to a fragrance consultant.

Meanwhile I could look next door and see where I get gas.

Looking through a narrow slot in the building.

That is pretty interesting-looking.

Gotta admire the stairs.

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