Okay so it seems confirmed, the outline in the middle of the neo-Pimatgol is the authentic location of the reconstructed well.

They went to so much trouble to outline the original location.

At the easternmost end, there are three signs. The middle one is electronic and not currently working.

There were signs around the rim of this site that I needed to scan.

Huh, this needs to be larger.

Looking through neo-Pimatgol.

That red scribbly sculpture should be useful for wayfinding.

This is an entrance to the Gran Seoul Mall underground, which should dispell the illusion that the glass floors can claim location authenticity.

That looks like a bear statue, but anyway the important thing is the lobby of Tower 2 is on the left.

Looking back, with Tower 1 on the left now, it appears the site is designed to welcome you to walk through the middle. However, all the information plaques are facing the other way, so you can either walk through the middle and glide through history, or walk around and learn about history.

This is the view at the end of the Gran Seoul wall museum. Follow the stone path.

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