Huam Turn

Millie has a new box.

It started snowing while I waited for Coetzer.

The bar has a much different vibe in the daytime.

Much different.

Coetzer explores the attic.

I went behind the counter instead.

He came down with a Santa hat.

Covered behind the curtain.

Last time I had photographed this too poorly. It was scent chemicals.

Time to get the party started.

This building had been (maybe still?) owned by Kim Ho-jin.

Coetzer used the portable power source (which we've named Pac-Man) in order to turn on the abandoned stereo.

I went outside to watch the snow.

My home is somewhere right over that ridge.

Click for full size.

Another look at the books. Nothing was too interesting and it seemed to be mostly about food.

Coetzer changed into his persona of UE music superstar.

We found this for Ryan. Not quite sure if it counts as a bujeok.

As it started to get dark, the streetlights and lights for the city wall lit up.

We lit candles.

There was the shape of what looked like it could have been a crouched figure in a hood that unnerved me.

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