When I showed up, the parking lot area was open.

This was in the ground floor of the annex. I don't recall seeing the wheelchair there before.

The annex has been cleaned up, with no signs of the sit-in protest remaining.

These were the only people around.

The hole in the fence was covered with boards, and the sidewalk was cleared up.

Looking back at the main building.

The archaeological dig site is now buried.

Graffiti in the alley. I saw people lying down behind the glass doors past the corner. Later it was confirmed to me they were hired goons.

Fencework around the main redevelopment site.

Pimatgol is looking narrower.

Putting up green netting.

I stopped by this place a distance away.

Looks like Neo-Pimatgol is getting a Baskin-Robbins.

At night, there were more people around.

Julie is seated inside on the floor surrounded by hostile workers.

A delivery driver showed up and dropped off food.

And right after that the tension turned into a physical struggle.

No comment about anyone getting shoved here.

I took this picture of the cops with this one guy who seemed unfriendly.

Julie is still inside.

How it looks inside.

Julie is now seated and trying not to be moved.

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