That construction really looms from far away.

I found these buildings covered with tarps, but with several stores still open.

I remember having a meal here once a few years ago.

Not the best angle for photography.

I went around behind where the passage narrowed against this construction fence.

This is the alley behind the restaurant.

Looks like there's additional seating back there.

Some graffiti has been covered up.

I wandered through a couple alleys quickly. They weren't as empty as these pictures make them look.

The passage to the right was a dead end.

Even for me.

Towering over us.

Soju frog.

This building was at a fork in the road.

Under a canopy.

Wear a mask.

A stained old wall.

Road closing notice.

Some street art along Cheonggyecheon. Click for full size.

One of the watch market entrances was left open, if you can call this open.

Not for me.

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