KOTE Again

This tall building is now being taken down.

Jesus vampires.

In front of Tapgol Park was a temporary testing site.

Huh Kyung-young and a missing girl.

Yoon smiling down on the tents.

This guy.

Inside the park: more tents, although I couldnm't fully figure out their purpose.

Toto rot

Back at KOTE, where things seemed calmed down.

And then they weren't.

Julie blockaded the front door as the workers stacked boxes around her.

A few others joined.

And the cops were there to watch.

Fun with panoramas. This one did something weird to that one guy's legs.

The boxes are mostly labeled as containing hats.

I handed someone their phone over the boxes.

A look from behind as these buildings are prepped for demolition.

Been a while since I saw a Grand Open like this.

Another look at the new fence.

You don't see these striped blankets as much anymore.

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