Black Hawk Village

Posing for photos.

This picture shows Manchocheon uncovered, with four bridges visible. The rightmost one was probably the train bridge that was demolished within the last decade. Otherwise the street grid including the positions of the bridges is still there.

I saw mention recently that there had been a homeless camp under the ramp for cars. A later visit raised teh possibility that it is still there, though I couldn't see how to get closer.

This seems to show Manchocheon and the train tracks heading up to Seoul Station.

Here's the railyard area, with Manchocheon behind it.

And here's the same area today. Well... a few years ago, because they seem to have removed all trees.

And a wider view of the same picture.

Somewhere down there should be the branch of Manchocheon running up to Namsan, but I can't quite make it out.

Another view of the railyard, with a beach along the riverbank.

Some of the pictures were displayed like that.

Then I got into this house which had a photo exhibit.

In the dining room.

The kitchen.

I took pictures of some of the photos on display.

There were quite a lot of people around. Click for full size.

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