Where's Waldo Pizza Burger

I saw this in a convenience store, took this picture, and dared my friends to dare me to eat it if I got 50 likes. I got 100.

But when I went back, the burger was gone. I went to about 10 or 11 more GS25s, and each time I bought something else rather than walking out emptyhanded.

Finally, store 12 had it.

The date checked out.

I was going to eat it for lunch, but felt like I needed reliable food, so I saved it for supper at work.

The ingredients list is very weird.

Here's how it looked.

The one thing I was really disappointed about was the bulgogi sauce, whichi s always a sign of low quality.

Underneath the patty was more pizza toppings.

It didn't blow up the microwave.


Does cheese cook like this?

I started eating and it wasn't that bad.

I got this far and it was so large that I needed a break.

But I did finish it.

It had a strong aftertaste due to spiciness, and I bought these to wash it out.

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