Socially Distanced Seokjeon Daeje

Sinsammun was open, so I walked in through the right passage.

I was as usual not allowed any closer.

Here come the people performing the ritual.

The guy at the mic was performing the whole chant.

People stop by this table on their way to make their sacrifices.

A look at the audience.

Even these Confucianists were socially distancing.

I looked over in the other area to see how Myeongnyundang was doing.

The left side was entirely vacated, other than a few minders and the occasional photographer. None of the usual performers and musicians.

I got a glimpse inside Dongmu.

I asked if I could see more.

The answer was yes.


Without those lenses from work, I wouldn't be seeing much of anything.

A strong wind blew over one of the bouquets.

A peek inside.

Seen from the other side.


Then it was time to burn the ritual papers.

Standing on the spirit path.

They all filed out.

More bows.

As soon as people started leaving, I went into Daeseongjeon for a closer look at the ritual items.

Then I went to the cafeteria, where I was able to get my hands on Charyeju, an alcohol made specially for this event.

A quick stop back at the temple.

Just as they closed the gate.

I walked away with three bottles, and one more empty one.

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