Donuimun Museum Village

Here's a map of the area, which is now out of date.

As is this one.

A makgeolli bottle. I think they removed the mural depicting urban renewal.

One house is an exhibit to Canadians involved in Korea's independence struggle, highlighted by Frank Schofield.

An Underwood typewriter!

Apparently Schofield was compared to a tiger, probably a blue-eyed one.

An appropriate site for a phone booth.

The five Canadians.

I hadn't heard of the others before.

Next I got on a roof and tried taking pictures of the whole village.

Click for full size.

A closer look at the neo-hanoks.

Donuimun New Town.

This ladder guard is kidding nobody.

I'm curious if this LP Music Bar is related to the LP Bar that used to be in Donuimun Museum Village.

Here's a look at the village from across the street, which was probably the shot I needed.

The Cop Titan is gone, and the cop museum moved out of that building.

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