Haechi Hunt Day 2

Haechi Hall in Myeongdong, where we used to have RAS Korea movie events, is gone.

Jayu Center, which used to host cult leaders, dictators, and war criminals united in an anti-communist league, now headquarters K-pop.

I tried hard throughout the weekend to get a shot of the haechi logo on the side of a taxi.

And now we're at Seoul Dream Forest.

Ugly looming background.

I came all the way up here for this, one of the few remaining haechi statues. The only other one I could confirm existed is on top of Namsan, and I don't want to go up there.

So that's a horn?

People with dog.

Kind of neat architecture.

People with a baby.

No dogs sign.

It was an attempt.

As I was photographing this, the Korean family in the background approached and passed, and the father told me I should ignore this statue because it's a fake haechi. I agreed saying it's more the Chinese kind, and he said it's fake and all Koreans would call it a fake.

It does lack a horn, although it also has a bell and a Boglin companion.

Sejong Market or whatever the government thinks this place is called.

The museum had an interesting display.

I attempted to take pictures of the Gwanghwamun haechis during blue hour. This one is using a flash as a fill light.

Still eyecatching.

Then the grounds lights came on.

Suddenly I was surrounded by people taking pictures.

There was a group of tourists in cosplay hanbok, and I was hoping to get a picture of them close to one of the haechis.

Those people were more fun.

You can see the cosplayers loitering in front of the gates.

They're moving finally!

They were more interested in the wall.

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