Northeastern Seoul

I'm not the only one who thinks ginseng looks like weird corrupted human bodies, right?

The abandoned area in Cheongnyangni has now been moonscaped.

And is in the process of being cliffed.

Now put those views together into one:

Click for full size.

There were some hanokish buildings next to the roof I was on.

K-trade is already on the K-Iceberg, but if it weren't I might have added it based on this.

The abandoned hotel had a lot of cars parked out front.

One of the Dongbuk Line entrances.


I don't know if I knew about the upper area that was removed.

And there's the infamous Sarangjeil Church.

The whole lot. Click for full size.

A much closer look. They seem to have security lights, and a watchtower, but I can't really see traces of people.


Looking off in some other direction.

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