Donuimun Museum Village

This map shows the upstream part of the Host Tunnel.

And this one shows the Korean names.

It was more crowded today than my last visit.

Here's the scale model over old Gyonam-dong.

How Donuimun Museum Village used to look.

Even with the Cop Titan visible.

The neo-hanoks.

From slightly farther back.

Closed or Close?

A scale model of one of the gates, located at the VR hall (one of the new additions not on any of the maps).

I went to the music listening house, which had various rooms with different types of stereos and music you could play. "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" on pumpkin-shaped colour vinyl was the most impressice.

A malttukbakgi mural.

And this is where the cop museum moved, although they haven't resurrected the Cop Titan.

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