Abandoned Hanok

It was an overcast day.

I got through the zip-tied fence and inside. There was some old mail wedged into another fence.

Looking at the rightmost side of the house.

Here's a look at the fairly traditional kitchen with the little attic above it.

A sort of corner room.

Click for full size.

What I'm assuming is an ondol slot.

The linoleum floor was filthy and scuffed recently.

Pretty old.

There wasn't much in the way of furniture.

Another more modern sliding door led into the newer property next door.

The kitchen.

One of the attic window shutters. I realised too late this image is sideways.

Click for full size.

Different types of stones.

The back is held up by stilts.

And there's the fence from inside.

Here's how the house looks from across the street.




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