Another Abandoned Neighbourhood

After driving through, this alley looked the most promising.

It ended up being all locked.

The main street through the area looked like this.

It was harder finding narrower alleys like this.

Kind of youthful garbage.

Couldn't say what this is (but bonus points for romanising -gyu as -guy).

This even less so.

Kind of artful in a minimalist way, for a hired goon.

I only went inside one or two places.

Quite a lot of places are empty though, just locked on the ground floor with too much foot traffic around.

Click for full size.

There didn't seem to be any reason for this shape in the wall, or the curtain. So, possibly the site of a removed window? A Thomasson?

Bathroom green and pink.

I think this was the rooftop.

This area is long and not wide, from the mountain to the left to a stream before the overpass to the right.

Just a touch of red from that artful hired goon.

Someone looking for floor pipes made a compelling pattern.

A very small rooftop room on a house I wish I could have seen up close.

A very amateur rooftop house.

Did Head & Shoulders hire a supervillain?

The alley was long and straight and I had to walk fast because there was someone dressed as a guard walking around.

The same green as that toilet.

It's an underrated colour.

Looks like that weird police Ferengi mascot got a cape, maybe either to go urbexing or to fight that Head & Shoulders supervillain.

A nice example of architecture on an incline.

This is the best view I got of the area.

And here's the view in the other direction, which encompasses the whole area.

Click for full size.

I had to go down those stairs to climb onto this roof.

A tin-roofed rooftop house.

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