PWS Pub Brawl at Rabbithole

Just warming up before things started. Worth noting that the lighting scheme has a name.

Shiho charges out.

And struts around.

And as soon as he starts talking, he has the crowd against him.

Which he didn't like.

He tried leaving and coming back but people just booed him louder.

He was not happy about that.

If he kept his mouth shut, we could have had a simple athletic competition with no personality clashes. But no, he just kept digging in.

I believe this guy's name was Du-eok. He never seemed to speak English, and was much more popular.

This was the first match.

The fight spilled out into the crowd.

Then back to the mat on the stage, which is normally used for drag shows.

Next, they brought out Kim Mir, who apparently became The Crow since last time I'd been to one of their events.

And they matched him up with HaDaOn.

Kim Mir insisted on sanitising their hands before the match.

But it turned out to be a dirty trick!

Someone had carelessly left a trash can lid next to where I'd been standing, and I should have done something about it, because one of these guys picked it up and started using it as a weapon.

Hey, bananas are healthy.

A few times, the violence got very close to me, and once or twice my foot touched one of theirs. But they never came close to colliding with me, or with the fairly low ceiling.

You know things are getting serious when they bring out the chair.

A disagreement with the ref.

Followed by a pin.

Some unsportsmanlike conduct.

Next match would pit all four against each other.

Afterwards, I introduced Shiho to Izoki the Flame Fighter, who will hopefully help them put on shows in Hongdae.

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