Famouse Tour Spot

Seoul has campaigns to report signs like this, but Incheon probably doesn't.

This was probably the best look I got at spring blossoms this year.

I thinkm those ones are actual butt goats.

I liked the art on the eaves(?) of some of the houses here.

This area was characterised by long, straight blocks of these kinds of houses.

I haven't quite seen symbols like this before.

Standing at another corner.

Looks like another toy kitchen.

And another corner.

Further up the same alley, with a random pedestrian in the distance.

More spring flowers.

A room with a mattress. I wasn't expecting to like this picture but somehow I really did and wished I put a bit more effort into it.

A bag of bowls that look like they're for rituals.

A foot-shaped flyswatter.

Does this qualify as a plant?

Do these qualify as buses?

Something to enrage my colleagues at Christians Against Dinosaurs.

Even if you believe the "Dinolie," what possible message does this send? Volcano, bones, eggs?

Been a while since I saw a prostitute collector card.

Time for some yellow flowers.

This one house had a lot of abandoned stuff.

Including a place to get high, obviously.

One thing I really like about exploring with Ryan is he'll pick through all the garbage for me.

There were a few abandoned pictures around. Trying to figure out if that's Hawaii or just Korea's Hawaii.

This panorama of the kitchen turned out pretty trippy.

Abandoned wedding photos never look happy.

More flowers.

I got on top of a slightly taller building nearby for this view.
A wider view.

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