Abandoned Tunnel

Back to the City of Madness.

This was the former site of the 18ID ROK Army base.

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This is one of those pictures where I had an intention of showing something, but can't remember what now.

This picture shows a doomed road to nowhere.

That's what it leads to.

Time to head back.

Looking out the exit.

The others were waiting for me at Dongincheon Station.

I told him to crawl up that pipe to get into the top floor of that building.

This very stern-looking cat was sitting here almost camouflaged, alarmed that Harrow would notice.

"Gangnam Tile." I wonder if that was intentional.

We ended up at the other end of the abandoned tunnel (and the other side).

Harrow was raring to go in.

This is what raring looks like.

He was pulling Sounion along.

We made it to the other side.

The Harrows come out of the dark.

Coetzer finds a way.

The rest of us come through.

Not one of the vehicles I would have imagined being chained up here.

Water for Harrow.

We decided to stay behind the shutters so Harrow could be off leash.

Then we tried to play fetch.

Precious moments.

Heading back.

The other tunnel didn't look as welcoming, especially with that wrecked car there.

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