Ugakro Culture Village

A very cultural kitchen.

This fairly small house had this one open space. The rooms didn't really lead anywhere.

I had to make sure; the Spam cans were empty.

What's really interesting about this kitchen is the scary basement entrance in the lower left.


This place was almost all open for us.

Looking the other way. The evangelical building can be seen at the top of the hill, and everything on the other side is demolished.

Click for full size.

Click for full size.

Harrow was afraid to come up.

Then he did and he decided rooftopping was pretty cool, though maybe not as cool as tunnels.

Incheon Dulle-gil ribbons.

Some mural art.

On the right under the curtain is the entrance to a Chondo church.

This is really a first.

They were trying to pose.

Yeah they look alike.

I thought I could edit this Chondogyo sign to say Jindogyo, where we worship the dog.

I went off to the main room.

So Chondogyo has its own calendar system, and we're in year 163.

While we were there, a van parked out front. I climbed out the bars out back, but the others stayed inside and climbed to the roof.

I ended up going up there with them.

This was a cafe.

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