Returning to Seoul


That's kind of a neat building.

Harrow saw a smaller dog across the street and suddenly went berserk. This is the only time I've seen him like this. He didn't even bark when we were at the dog sanctuary.

This is the alley up to Ugakro.

If you work in construction, no helium balloons.

Sitting around.

There was a soccer game at that stadium.

Dongincheon Stationj is still basically a construction site.

Here's a new contender for terrible apartment brand: Leadvill.

I stopped by Jemulpo Market.

Click for full size.

Here's a look at some of the individual buildings.

No more stairs.

I decided to feed this cat.

Looking back the way I'd come.

Since I fed one cat, I'd feed the other.

The way up to a temple.

Just when I thought I had a long ride straight home, I passed another abandonment.

I entered the hostel.

Small rooms.

Room 13.

Looking out the back.

There was some interesting stuff inside.

A Moomin?

Not sure what this is.

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