Yongsan History Museum

Here's one of the first rooms I entered.

This sort of sets the tone for the museum.

I didn't photograph the photographs, but a former soldier had contributed pho os for the museum.

This gets a bit personal.

This is nothing new to me.

This room was once an operating room, and the green tiles were placed on the wall for sanitary reasons. Later, the pink tiles were placed higher, probably so that patients would not see gaps in this sanitary protection when they were on their backs.

Another sign.


This map shows the apparent upper limits of Manchocheon. I believe I've been to the rightmost one, which goes underground just downhill of a temple, but no clue about the other two.

The exhibition they're talking about is already open.

One of the few pictures I got of just people doing people stuff in a museum.

A better one.

I'm impressed this one mentions Danggogae, the hill near Samgakji that was removed about 12 years ago to make way for more highrises.

One of the hallways.

I went up to the roof where I could view the demolition zone of the rest of the hospital.

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