Peter's Jesa

The Harrows.

This is one of the main rooms right inside.

This is way down in the second Hanok out back.

The Underwoods begin setting up for the service.

Harrow is wondering why the attention isn't all on him.

When we started to go inside for the service, he started to whimper.

The jesa begins.

I stayed with Harrow and he was very cuddly. He was also extremely attentive to what was happening at the altar, like he knew it had significance. At one point, the gate behind us blew open, making quite a loud noise, and Harrow looked at it nervously, like he thought it meant some spirit was entering.

This is the main hallway right inside.

Basically a closet.

One of the many paintings.

One of the many pieces of furniture.

More of them. The notices on them seemed to indicate they were being prepared for shipping overseas.

This is the way out, between two grand gates.

The hanok roofs to the right.

That's the upper hanok gate.

We stood out in the street before going into the restaurant on the right.

After we ate, we came back to Peter's.

The navy guys were drinking inside.

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