This is somewhere near Konkuk University. Kind of a pointless but cute arch.

I've always admired this building. It reminds me of this.

I parked to get a better look. This was the only time I've ever observed it not from a moving vehicle.

From more to the side.

Without the trees.

From the middle of the road.

With Lotte World Tower.

Gwangjin Bridge is now one of my favourites. In 2009 it was narrowed from four lanes to just two (sometimes sort of three), and the extra space was given over to pedestrians and cyclists. It helps that car traffic is very low on the bridge, and not fast-moving, probably mainly because Cheonho Bridge next door is much bigger and more convenient.

This alley next to a big construction site leads to a former red-light district.

Here's an interesting mural in the area.

Another interesting mural.

I wanted to get into that apartment building but was unable.

I stopped by this abandoned restaurant.

The property was lined with this faux traditional wall.

It is somewhat convincing and the tiles could be authentic.


Basement troll.

This building has both a temple (shaman?) and a "Love House" that is more or less what you'd expect.

Inside Love House.

Some bedding remained.

I didn't try more with this because of the high visibility and nearby foot traffic.

Some of the other apartments.

Next I went by Guryong Village.

It's still pretty much the same, although more of the sky is blotted out.

This wreck has been in this shape next to the bus station for about five years. It had been curtained off earlier, but then they took down all that including the metal lattice, having apparently stripped off some of the facade. No idea what's going on with this.


Very nearby is this overpass where you can walk through a fountain.

Seen from the other side.

Here's some newer architecture.

I call this building Seopyeonje, and it's been like this since at least 2008.

It used to have neighbours. This area had a lot of motels.

"Masters" of what?

A car was parked there.

That's architecture I can respect.

Click for full size.

I think it may be able to jump over the fence and get inside, over by that...playground?

They were all parked on the roof.

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